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Tracy Pinnell in the spotlight at Kearney Group.

21 July 2022 Read time: 3 min


If you’ve ever called up or dropped by our offices, you’ve likely had the great pleasure of meeting Tracy Pinnell already. But did you know Trace won this years’ “Sparking Connection & Community” award at Kearney Group’s annual EOFY celebration?

When it comes to the details, making people feel comfortable and creating memorable client experiences – Tracy is top of the pops. So we sat down for a rapid-fire get-to-know-you.

Read on to learn a bit more about what makes Tracy tick and what she’s up to at Kearney Group.

Oh hayyy...
it's Tracy!

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Tracy Pinnell.


Corporate Concierge

Part of our team since:

Diploma of Event Management,
Swinburne University

Favourite food:
Anything Mexican

On the weekend, you’ll find Tracy:
Getting out into nature – camping, hiking and being amongst the trees. If not, she’ll be exploring historical Melbourne – Como House is a fav.

Quirky fact:
Tracy is a qualified massage therapist

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So Tracy, what does being a Corporate Concierge entail?


Day to day, I work with our team to create seamless and memorable client experiences.

I get to work with clients, assisting with general enquiries and directing calls to our advisers.

In person, I create a warm and welcoming environment for both staff and clients. It’s my goal to make everyone feel happy, at ease and confident with the service they receive.

I’m a key go-to for general office matters, client meetings, events and special functions. And, I’m known for my friendly, yet efficient working style.

Mostly, I enjoy creating lasting relationships with our team members and clients – helping them feel part of the Kearney Group family and know that I/we really do care.



What did you do before coming to Kearney Group?


At the age of 22, I was managing a busy pharmacy in Richmond where I was responsible for the retail side of the store and 23 staff members.

Working in retail, you only have a very short amount time to create a positive and memorable experience. I still use this skill today when speaking to our current and prospective clients. Just because our conversations are brief, doesn’t mean they can’t also be memorable.

Prior to joining Kearney Group, I worked at another private wealth firm for 11 years. All up, I’ve worked in financial services since 2008.



What tips do you have for creating lasting relationships?


I believe it boils down to a few key things: connection, kindness, and compassion.

Human beings are social species, wired to connect. So aim to make people feel like they belong, by building genuine connections with them.

Be kind, always. I believe that you can change someone’s day or mood just by being friendly.

And compassion lets you put yourself in the shoes of your clients. I always aim to deliver the level of service that I would want and expect to receive (and I have high standards *wink*).



What’s it like to work with Kearney Group?


I love the supportive culture at Kearney Group. It allows me to feel confident in making decisions and suggesting change or improvements.

Since joining the team, I have been challenged in the way I think about systems and processes… Just because something has always been done a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s the best way. Our questioning mindset makes you think outside the box and look for different solutions.

I have also learnt that making mistakes really is a part of the learning process and doesn’t mean it’s a failure.



What hurdle have you overcome recently?


Surprisingly the hardest thing I have had to overcome is speaking up in staff meetings. The firm I came from was a lot smaller than Kearney Group, so I wasn’t use to addressing such a large group of people.

During lockdown, I was asked to talk at a few staff meetings and host Friday online activities. With the encouragement of Jane and other team members, I now feel (mostly) at ease when talking to the whole crew.



What’s on your wish list for Kearney Group’s future?


I just hope that Kearney Group keeps evolving the integrated advice model. I hope our IAT-driven advice world replicates and grows.

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