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Ko-Lab Business
Strategy Program

Ko-Lab Business Strategy Program. Transforming small and medium businesses.

The Ko-Lab program is a combination of strategy, business advisory and accountability. It provides you with the tools and constructive, actionable feedback you need to accelerate the growth of your business. 

Our methodology has been developed through a combination of licensed proprietary systems, hard-earned experience and brand new thinking.

A proven program
in 3 phases.

The Ko-Lab Business Strategy Program is delivered as a series of collaborative sessions, which are ideally delivered in-person, but can also be done remotely. The program is delivered across 3 distinct phases.

Phase 1: Goal Setting.

Hopes & dreams. 


In the first phase of the Ko-Lab program, we ask you step back and take a big picture look at the hopes and dreams you have for your personal and professional life. 

We recognise businesses and households are intertwined financially (think cash flow, debt, risk and loans) and emotionally, with decisions we make in one sphere having a flow on effect on the other.

The first phase sets the goals for the entire program. By considering both personal and professional goals of individuals, and where applicable their business or life partners, we can ensure our strategic plan helps relieve the push-and-pull – the financial and emotional burdens – on both your business and your household. 

Duration: 2 sessions conducted over 2 weeks

Participation: Business owner/s & life partners

Format: In-person or Remote

Ko Lab Business Strategy Program Phase 1 Goal Setting

Phase 2: Strategy.

Playing To Win. 


Phase 2 of Ko-Lab utilises the Playing To Win Strategy Toolkit, developed by R.L.Martin, A.G.Lafley and J.Riel and based on the bestselling book. 

This program delivers a proven strategy framework, with step-by-step support to develop and implement a successful strategy.

It delivers a shared and common understanding of
the Playing to Win choices framework and process. And it gives you a proven way to ‘think’, ‘choose’ and ‘do’ for predictable and repeatable future success.

Over the course of 3 intensive sessions, you’ll co-create a Success Statement including objectives, goals, strategy and measures for your business.

Duration: 3 sessions conducted over 6 weeks, plus homework

Participation: Business owner/s & life partners

Format: In-person or Remote

Ko Lab Business Strategy Program Phase 2 Strategy

Phase 3: Execution.

Transformation & Accountability. 


In Phase 3 we work with you to transform your business by executing on your chosen strategy.

Our facilitators give you the theory, tools, techniques and confidence to drive operational excellence and accountability across your business.

This phase will ensure your strategy has the full support and buy-in from your leaders and key staff. 

We’ll also help you to set quarterly performance agreements, and then measure, track and celebrate your success.

Duration: 2 sessions conducted over 2 weeks; 6 week check-in; quarterly reviews

Participation: Key staff members (up to 8)

Format: In-person or Remote

Ko Lab Business Strategy Program Phase 3 Transformation


Lucy Feagins,
Founder & Editor of The Design Files

Ko-Lab participant

Meet your facilitators.

Matt Englund

B Bus (University Technology Sydney), Grad Dip FP, Graduate (Australian Institute of Company Directors)

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Matt is the Ko-Lab Guru around these parts. With years of experience in big institutions, he's learned a thing (or three) about strategy, effectiveness and accountability. Now our very own COO, Matt drives our internal Clarity and Accountability program and has been the guiding force behind Ko-Lab since joining our team.

If you've got questions about firing up your business, this is one voice you should listen to. And, after making a green change with his family - he also has lived experience effectively aligning personal and professional goals.

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Kale Foulds
Senior Manager (Business Advisory)

B Bus - Accountancy (RMIT), CPA

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Kale's another resident strategy evangelist. He loves supporting clients through the incredible transformation that is Ko-Lab.

He also happens to be a top-notch accountant and business adviser - so you might already know him from your regular tax planning or advisory meetings.⁠

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Harjot Sahni
Senior Manager (Business Advisory) & Partner

B Accounting (Monash), Dip FP, CA

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Harjot is a calm, supportive and nuanced voice in a profession all too often know for being hard and fast and black and white. He loves guiding businesses through strategy and helping them bring their goals to life.⁠

Harjot joined Kearney Group in late 2019 and became equity partner in 2022.

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Lachlan Ezard
Senior Manager (Business Advisory) & Partner

B Comm - Accounting, Fin Planning & Finance (Deakin), CPA

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Lachlan is a staple around Kearney Group. One of our most long-standing team members and a passionate business adviser at that. He's taken stacks of people through our strategy program - providing a guiding hand, dedicated support and occasionally the tough love you need to really grow and thrive.

⁠Lachlan joined the Kearney Group in 2009 became equity partner in 2016.

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