From selecting
to strategising.


Here at Kearney Group Strategic Lending, we’ve been giving life-changing lending advice – at no charge to our clients – since 2006.

Mortgages, business loans, financing and refinancing: it all can seem pretty daunting. Working alongside our Business Advisory and Private Wealth divisions, we provide integrated recommendations that nudge you toward your overarching personal and business goals.

When it comes to refinancing, restructuring debt or taking on new loans, we always account for the context of your life – not just the size of your bank account.

Our Strategic Lending division can assist with:

  • Home loans
  • Investment property loans
  • Refinancing
  • Commercial loans
  • Vehicle and equipment finance
  • Construction loans

Advice that’s complimentary
and complementary.

With a service that’s both complimentary and complementary, working with Kearney Group Strategic Lending means you’ve got nothing to lose but bad debt. With access to more than 20 different banks and lenders, plus all their various packages, we go the extra mile to find the loan that works best for you and your lifestyle.

We even do the paperwork, lodge your applications and deal with lenders so you don’t have to. And of course, our innovative, integrated approach means we work behind the scenes with our Kearney Group affiliates to ensure your loans are properly structured and support your overarching goals and objectives.

From chaos to control.

That ‘out of control’ feeling that often comes with financing: we don’t operate in that sphere and nor do our clients. With Kearney Group Strategic Lending, we help with:

  • Badly structured loans
  • Loans that feel impossible to manage or repay
  • Loans that are costly and ineffective from a tax perspective
  • Loans that are misaligned with your financial needs and goals

We’re called Strategic Lending for a reason: we thrive on strategy and structure and know that well-organised facilities can save you tens of thousands of dollars. Ask yourself: is your loan serving you – or the other way around? With our Strategic Lending services, you’ll always know that you stand first.

Kearney Group Strategic Lending Why Finance

Why borrow?

For most of us, acquiring debt is just unavoidable at certain phases of life.

Establishing a loan for your first home or an important investment means you can seize opportunities that would otherwise be impossible.

We’re happy to discuss with you one, two, or all of the following:

  • Buying a home
  • Financing home renovations
  • Business equipment upgrades
  • Holiday or rental home investments
  • Funding an investment program
  • Purchasing a new car
  • Freeing up cash during an emergency situation
  • Consolidating or restructuring existing debt


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From revolution
to recognition

Kearney Group and our team have been awarded throughout our history. It’s nice to be acknowledged in a profession, even when you’re trying to transform it. Below are some of our recognitions:

Our business has doubled in size every 12 months since we started the Kearney journey… so the proof is in the pudding.

Shaun Clancy, Director,
Clancy Constructions

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