Investments that won’t cost our future.

Investment Philosophy

What we believe.

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We’ve long believed that good investment is responsible investment, and that great returns don’t have to come at the expense of our community or planet.

So we work to create agile and actively-managed portfolios that get competitive returns, and contribute to a sustainable future.

We partner with like-minded fund managers who take a leading approach to environmental, social and governance (‘ESG’) investing.

Their responsible screening techniques allow you to access high-performing investment options that are backed by research and overseen by the industry’s best minds.

What do we mean by responsible investing?

Whether you call it ethical, sustainable or responsible investing, we don’t mind. What we care about is the on-the-ground impact of your portfolio.

For us, responsible investing is all about factoring in ‘externalities’ and carefully considering the things traditional balance sheets don’t capture well – specifically, people and the planet.


Weighing up environment, social and governance practices, in conjunction with financial performance, gives you a much better picture of a company or investment’s true value. It can also serve as a great early warning system and help you avoid undue risk.

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What issues matter most to you?

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Pushing for breadth and depth.

Our Responsible Investment Classification Model

Responsible investing is a hot topic. But it’s also nebulous.

At Kearney Group, we’re pushing hard to advance ESG best practice and reporting standards.

We’ve taken our decades of investment management experience, partnered with one of Australia’s best research houses and designed our very own Responsible Investment Classification Model that looks to advance both the breadth and depth of ESG integration in your portfolio.

Our Model ranks funds and identifies areas in which we can:

  • increase the number of funds that are invested under a responsible investment regime (i.e. the quantity or breadth of ESG integration); and
  • progressively take up more regenerative, not just sustainable, forms of investing (i.e. quality or depth of ESG integration). For example, where two funds are considered otherwise equal, we’d prioritise the fund with the most aggressive ESG profile.

Ready to put your money where your mouth is?

In a world of marketing that’s too clever by half, it’s hard to know who’s walking their talk when it comes to responsible investing.

Ask us how to cut through the noise and find high-performing ESG investment options.

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