From silos
to systems.

Our approach

After nearly 40 years of working with pioneering businesses and busy households, we know a few things to be true…

  • Your work and home life profoundly impact one another.
  • Professional silos in financial services work against your needs, no matter the complexity of your circumstances.
  • There is a better, less extractive way to live and run your operations.

Finance is plagued by silos.

Like we have to tell you this: professional silos work against your interests. 

A typical accountant gives you business advice, without understanding your household. A mortgage broker can’t tell you how a loan will impact your tax or long-term financial objectives. A financial planner can’t even begin to understand the pressures of running a business, let alone integrate your business goals into your overarching financial plan.

That’s where we come in.

At Kearney Group, we say “see-ya” to silos to “hello” to a systems approach to advice.

Our truly integrated advice model deliberately breaks down the walls between divisions and individual advisers, and assembles a team of experts from across our firm, to provide dedicated service to you.

Welcome to
Kearney Group.

Paul Kearney
Founder and CEO

Integrated advice teams.

A truly collaborative experience.

Our Integrated Advice Teams (IATs) are deliberately designed to break down the walls between your advisers, and embed collaboration into the very heart of what we do.

A whole team surrounds you.

When you work with us, you’re supported by a multidisciplinary team, with access to a lead adviser who coordinates all the disciplines. This saves you from the run around and ensures your advice is strategically considered from all angles.

Transforming your business and your life.

Truly integrated advice allows us to offer both the day-saving transactional support you need, and the life-changing transformational advice you deserve.

Kearney Group Integrated Advice Teams Rgb

Before Kearney Group, we were ping-ponging through a labyrinth of conflicting advice, from multiple teams and firms.

Thank heavens we found them. It’s like night and day.

Dr Jason Fox & Kim Lam
Clients since 2018

Happy home,
Happy business,
Happy life.

Kearney Group Business Advisory Intersection Business Household

We know that what happens at work, affects your home life. And, what happens at home impacts your business.

For business owners, work-life and life-life are indelibly intertwined.

The connections are financial… Think: cash flow, debt, risk and loans. And, they’re also highly emotional. For example, is your household on board with the hours you’re spending at work? Does your business give back as much as it requires from you and your family? What do your loved ones expect in terms of lifestyle and are those expectations reasonable? What is reasonable? And, how do you get your business reliably performing?

Whether you just need a little guidance, want to build some interconnected budgets or are ready to dive headlong into our Ko-Lab Business Strategy Program, your integrated advice team will help your business and household thrive, at the same time.

So goodbye work-family tug-of-war. And hello, to the good life.

Our business has doubled in size every 12 months since we started the Kearney journey… so the proof is in the pudding.

Shaun Clancy
Director, Clancy Constructions

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Our unique skills and truly holistic capability combines the experience and technical know-how required to tackle task-based work, with the creativity needed to drive meaningful transformation.

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