How Integrated Advice
Teams work.

Solving the silos of finance.

Professional silos in financial services work against your needs, no matter the complexity of your circumstances.

After decades of working with pioneering businesses and busy households, we know these silos sap your time, energy and dollars. Moreover, professional delineation and regulatory divides contribute to confusion, not better advice outcomes.

So we’re reimagining our approach to financial advice – breaking down the walls between professions and advisers, and embedding collaboration and deep relationships into the very heart of what we do.

At the start of 2020, we formally dissolved divisional lines. Then, we re-assembled into smaller, multidisciplinary teams of advisers with complementary skills.

This new structure and our Integrated Advice Teams (IATs) are now in full swing.

Integrated advice teams.

A truly collaborative experience.

Our Integrated Advice Teams (IATs) are deliberately designed to break down the walls between your advisers, and embed collaboration into the very heart of what we do.

A whole team surrounds you.

When you work with us, you’re supported by a multidisciplinary team, with access to a lead adviser who coordinates all the disciplines. This saves you from the run around and ensures your advice is strategically considered from all angles.

Transforming your business and your life.

Whether you’re running a business or a busy home (or both), you’ll get the day-saving transactional support you need, and the life-changing transformational advice you deserve. We know that work-life and life-life are two sides of the same coin, and we’re here to ensure both thrive simultaneously.

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A typical IAT journey.

Iat 3 Month Journey Map

Learn the lingo.

What’s an Integrated Advice Team (IAT)?


At Kearney Group, an Integrated Advice Team (or IAT) is the dedicated group of finance professionals, with cross-disciplinary education and skills, that are assigned to support you and your unique needs.

Whether you’re accessing a single service or have wide-ranging advice requirements, you’re supported by a team of accountants, tax gurus, business advisers, bookkeepers, financial advisers, insurance pros and lending specialists; all collaborating on your behalf and coordinated by your Lead Adviser.

So no matter what life throws at you, we’ve got your back.


What’s a Lead Adviser and what do they do?


Your Lead Adviser is your go-to person at Kearney Group. They head up the Integrated Advice Team that orbits around you and your needs.

Your Lead Adviser provides advice aligned to their specific professional qualification (i.e. accounting, tax and business advisory, or financial planning). They’re also responsible for gathering ideas and insights. Most critically, they coordinate the other professionals in your IAT to ensure your service experience is smooth and your advice is considered from all angles.

If you ever have questions or concerns you wish to escalate, speak to your Lead Adviser.

What’s an Anchor Month?


Your Anchor Month is a set month of the year, during which we simultaneously review and meet to discuss all of your core services.

We know you’re busy and your time is valuable. We also know advice works best when it’s given in a systemised and coordinated fashion; not siloed and ad hoc throughout the year.

By bundling your core services around this idea of a central Anchor Month, we’re able to plan, prep, meet and deal with all of your needs at the same time.

Almost every background process in our firm (i.e. meeting bookings, information requests, appointment agendas, and even how we correspond with you) pivots around this critical date.

We’ll discuss the ongoing suitability of your Anchor Month each time we meet. If you need to change it between cycles, just get in touch with your Lead Adviser.

All said, we know life throws us curve balls and sometimes you just need a quick hand. So, as ever, your team is available to you outside your Anchor Month, all throughout the year.

Advice and engagement documentation.

Despite working closely as a team and collaborating across professional lines, financial services remains highly-regulated and full of complex legislation, written by people who just seem to love delineation. Try as we might, we can’t fix all those silos for you just yet.

To this end, we’re required to issue you with advice documentation from distinct ‘divisions’. Moreover, where you access multiple services, our advice will be the subject of separate engagement agreements.

We know… we know… not so integrated. Trust us, we’re working on this too.

Integrating your feedback.

Help us serve you better by providing us with candid feedback, early and often.

We’re genuinely interested to hear how you’re enjoying your journey with your IAT.

Let us know what we can do to mould and adapt our approach and continue to serve you better.


Understanding your IAT service experience.

Consider how you’re feeling about your overall service experience, now that you’re cared for by an IAT.

Reflect on your advice outcomes, adviser relationships, communication with our team, your “anchor month” experience and the time you spend on administration and meetings with us.


    • Overall, how do you find working with an IAT, comparatively to prior years?

Speak to the team.