Balanced books
and big ideas.


Get your business in shipshape with integrated bookkeeping.

Keeping the books up to date can be a daunting and tedious task – one that easily falls off your to-do list when you’re in the thick of running your business.

Does your system currently consists of a shoebox? A pile of receipts? Disparate spreadsheets waiting to be analysed? Never fear. You’re not alone.

And this is where we come in. 


At Kearney Group, our team of qualified accountants and bookkeepers are here to provide the day-changing transactional support and the life-altering transformational advice you need to grow and thrive.

With wide-ranging assistance, technologies and tools for business, and a dedicated team on speed dial, our support moulds and scales to your needs. So whatever happens with your bigger picture, we’re behind you all the way.

Our bookkeeping support.

More than number-crunchers.

Don’t get us wrong: we’re great at crunching numbers.

But where traditional bookkeepers see dollars and cents, we see insights and ideas that will transform your business.

We’ve always been about combining left-brain logic with right-brain instinct.

And with nearly 40 years’ experience working with all sorts of businesses, you’ve got access to a lifetime of learnings that can be applied to yours.


Workin’ it.

Running a healthy business is a lot like going to the gym. You’ve got to flex those muscles to keep them in tip top shape.

To warm up, we’ll help get your back office organised and sort out all the processes you need to keep things ticking along.

And just like going to the gym, it may feel like hard work up front, but you’ll be glad you did it.

In no time, things will be running smoothly and you’ll be free to get on with the big ideas and more important decisions.


Managing necessary evils.

Along with the joys of running a business – the successes, the highs of building a team – come the boring bits. The necessary evils. The time-sucking, soul-destroying parts.

Okay, so they’re not quite that dramatic, but we’re happy to take care of these things all the same – things like payroll (paying your team), accounts payable (paying for what you owe) and receivable (collecting what’s owed to you), lodging your tax and BAS and keeping you compliant. These are all part of our truly integrated business bookkeeping support.



Big Ideas


Keeping tabs on the money.

Going out on a limb here but most business owners don’t have a great read on where things are really at, financially speaking. Understanding the dollars and cents – knowing how much you have or why you have less than expected – isn’t always as straightforward as it seems.

Getting to know the levers that are unique to your business and learning how to anticipate your cashflow is just one of the many jobs our team can coach you through. This way, you’ll always know where the money is – and most importantly, be ready and able to make data-backed decisions when you need.


Sounding board on speed dial.

There’s no bigger compliment than coming to think of us as an extension of your business. We mean that. We want you to see us as a continuation of you: as a truly embedded service that thinks and moves with you.

Have an important, time-sensitive question? With us, there’s always someone here who knows your business. Not sure about a decision but need some quick, trusted advice? Just reach out – we’re always happy to provide insights or act as your back office sounding board.

A trusted

Your business doesn’t have time for clumsy technology. That’s why we make it our business to advise on the best cloud accounting software, productivity tools and technologies as they come to market. From research to rollout – and beyond – we’re here so you don’t have to hack it alone.


Lucy Feagins,
Founder & Editor of The Design Files

Client since 2020

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All the skills, under one roof, working together with the sole purpose of helping you grow and thrive.

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