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Our award-winning team is a family of big-picture thinkers and creators. We’re innovative, multi-disciplinary experts who draw on both left-brain data and right-brain instinct to yield winning insights; experts who truly get to know you – and your business; visionaries who keep one eye on the nitty gritty, and the other on the macro, long-term picture.

We’re pioneers who come together to make numbers into wonders. Get to know some of us below or learn how you can join our growing team.

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Paul Kearney
Founder & CEO

B Commerce (Melbourne), CPA, CFP®

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Paul Kearney is the founder and CEO of Kearney Group, which has been pioneering truly integrated financial advice for businesses and households since 1986.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne, and is a Certified Financial Planner®, Certified Practising Accountant and a member of the Financial Advice Association Australia.

Under his leadership, Kearney Group has grown into an award-winning team of over 50 multi-disciplinary professionals, dreamers, doers and visionaries with an eye for disruption. Most recently, Paul and the Group have brought to market a suite of ESG-rated investments.

The Group continues to be widely recognised for its commitment to professional excellence, client service and innovation. Most notable are the firm’s national accolades, which include being named the Association of Financial Advisers’ Australian Practice of the Year and BT Financial’s two-time National Practice of the Year.

Paul is a Director of renowned social enterprises, The Big Issue and Homes for Homes.

In 2020, he provided seed funding for the Indigenous Knowledge Systems Lab at Deakin University’s NIKERI Institute.

More recently, he has been welcomed as Director and Chair of AIME and has joined forces with Hi Neighbour.

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Andrew Mackenzie
Senior Manager (Private Wealth) & Partner

B Economics (La Trobe), CFP®

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Andrew Mackenzie joined the Kearney Group family back in 2010.

He’s now a Senior Manager (Private Wealth), an equity partner and a top-notch financial adviser.

In his role, Andrew designs super-detailed financial strategies that turn client dreams into reality.

Andrew is not only a respected adviser, he’s also our team’s go-to for all things portfolio.

With a background in economics and a knack for number-crunching, he’s all about distilling the complex world of global markets into digestible and accessible insights. He’s also a founding member of the Ethos Investment Committee and helps drive our firm’s investment philosophy.

Andrew is a Certified Financial Planner®. He earned his Bachelor of Economics from La Trobe University and also holds an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning.

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James Lewis
Systems Dev Manager & Partner

MA – Political Science (Carleton, Canada)

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Meet James Lewis. This go-getter joined Kearney Group back in November 2012 as the Business Systems Development Manager. By December 2015, he’d worked his way to equity partner in the firm.

Today, James is the tech brains and brawn behind our team's very own software systems. The goal? Building a digital landscape that brings teams together, helps our advisers understand clients' needs inside out, and delivers top-notch digital experiences to everyone involved—clients and staff alike.

James is all about making things run smoother and smarter. He's got his finger on the pulse of technology, ensuring we deliver on our promise of truly integrated advice and keeping Kearney Group ahead of the game.

James holds a Master of Arts from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

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Jen Purnell
Business & People Partner

MBA (Deakin)

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Jen Purnell and Kearney Group. Kearney Group and Jen Purnell. Some things just go together and we have… for more than 25 years.

Jen joined the team in 2014, after working closely with us over 16 years as the State Manager at BT Financial where she was BDM to financial services firms across Victoria and Tasmania.

As our Business & People Development Manager, Jen wears multiple hats and tackles her responsibilities with a contagious energy. She's the master of two important domains. Firstly, she's the go-to person for all things team-related. From hiring and induction to training and development, Jen is a talent magician, making sure we have the best people on board.

But that's not all—Jen's second superpower is her ability to connect with clients. She's a pro at working with newcomers to understand their hopes and dreams, and match them with a perfect advice team.

Beyond formal MBA qualifications and a wealth of professional experience, Jen’s also the ultimate pulse-reader when it comes to cultural vibes. She's a natural leader and bridge-builder, a collaborator and cheerleader for others. So it’s no surprise that she was warmly welcomed as an equity partner back in 2016.

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Lachlan Ezard
Senior Manager (Business Advisory) & Partner

B Commerce - Accounting, Financial Planning & Finance (Deakin), CPA

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Lachlan Ezard began his journey at Kearney Group back in November 2009 as a fresh-faced graduate. Today, he’s a Senior Manager of Business Advisory and a proud equity partner in the firm.

Now, here's the scoop on Lachlan. Not only is he a numbers guy, he's also a true people-person. His solid technical abilities combined with his natural country charm make him one of most sought after advisers at Kearney Group.

Lachlan’s all about helping small businesses grow - with solid strategy, forecasting and tax planning, and rigorous reporting.

And speaking of growth, he’s also a big believer in personal and professional development. You’ll find him constantly seeking out opportunities for learning and mentorship, in his own life and work, and also as a team leader.

Lachlan’s a Certified Practising Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce, specialising in Accounting, Financial Planning, and Finance.

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Nga Vu
Risk Specialist & Partner

B Business - Financial Planning (RMIT), CFP®

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Introducing Nga Vu. Nga came to Kearney Group in 2011, joining the team as a Senior Financial Adviser.

Nga's infectious enthusiasm for her work stems from her belief in the power of relationship-driven advice. After years in financial planning, however, Nga was increasingly aware of a glaring gap in most firms - a lack of risk knowledge and claims experience needed to adequately safeguard and support clients, their strategies, and their futures.

Driven by her thirst for knowledge and desire to protect her clients, Nga embarked on a mission to fill this void and transformed herself into Kearney Group's dedicated risk specialist. She now assists clients with risk identification, product selection and when required, dedicated support for insurance claims. She takes great satisfaction sensitively helping clients through very personal and deeply emotional experiences.

Nga earned a Bachelor of Business degree from RMIT. She is a Certified Financial Planner® and a member of the Financial Advice Association of Australia (FAAA).

In recognition of her unwavering dedication to her clients and passion for advice, Nga was invited into equity partnership in 2017.

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Stephen Nesbitt
Group Finance Partner

BA (Windsor, Canada), Cert Accounting

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Oh hay! It’s Stephen Nesbitt, making waves at Kearney Group since 2012. Believe it or not, Steve started out in a casual filing gig, looking to earn some extra cash when he first moved to Australia. Little did we know that this temporary job would morph into a permanent position and only a year later, Steve would be leading the Group’s commercial bookkeeping team.

In recognition of his hard work and contributions, Steve was invited to become an equity partner in 2017.

Today, he heads up the firm's internal finance functions and focuses on enhancing performance through execution, process redesign, efficiency projects, and leveraging emerging technologies.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Certificate of Accounting.

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Harjot Sahni
Senior Manager (Business Advisory) & Partner

B Accounting (Monash), Dip FP, CA

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Well, well, well. If it isn’t Harjot Sahni. Harjot joined Kearney Group in late 2019 as Senior Manager (Business Advisory) and was welcomed into partnership in 2022.

In a profession often known for being hard and fast, and black and white, Harjot is a calm, supportive, and nuanced voice. His warmth and genuine care for his clients shines through every bit of accounting, tax and business advice he delivers. He loves guiding businesses through strategy and helping them bring their goals to life with our Ko-Lab Program.

As a team leader, he brings a unique blend of expertise and empathy. And, he intuitively understands the raw power of our integrated advice model and its benefits for clients and team members alike.

Harjot is a Chartered Accountant, with a Bachelor of Accounting from Monash University.

Next time you’re in, be sure to grab his autograph. Harjot’s being spotted in the street for his leading role in this video.

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Matt Englund
COO & Partner

B Bus (University Technology Sydney), Grad Dip FP, Graduate (Australian Institute of Company Directors)

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Say hi to Matt Englund - Kearney Group’s COO and an equity partner. Matt joined the senior leadership team in 2019, and helps to drive the ongoing development of our truly integrated advice model and the firm’s strategic growth plans.

With a knack for operational efficiency, Matt runs our internal Clarity and Accountability Programs - putting us all through our paces, challenging and inspiring us to push for excellence.

He’s also our resident strategy guru, spearheading our Ko-Lab Program which gives business owners the tools and advice they need to grow - sustainably and while keeping things in harmony at home. With decades of experience in big institutions, he knows a thing (or three) about the topic. And, after making a green change with his family, he also has lived experience effectively aligning personal and professional goals.

Matt comes to the table with one helluva CV - including key positions like Head of Workplace Super, Head of Practice Management and Managing Director of Securitor at BT Financial.

He holds a Bachelor of Business from University of Technology Sydney, a Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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Other members of our Leadership Team.

Jane Vanden Boom
Manager, Business Networks & Commons

B Social Science – Information Mgt & Systems Analysis (Melbourne)

Annie Lillico Lewis
Brand & Media Manager

BA Hon – Drama & Comms (Windsor, Canada)

Beau Mifsud
Lead Product Designer

Advanced Dip of Multimedia

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Our team is growing and we’re always keen to hear from talent – even if we’re not actively advertising a role that interests you. Get in touch and seize your opportunity to put your stake in the ground.

Work with us

Business Advisory Leadership.

Kale Foulds
Senior Manager (Business Advisory)

B Bus - Accountancy (RMIT), CPA

Julie Kohler
Senior Manager (Bookkeeping)

Jen Farnaus
Senior Manager (Business Advisory)

B Bus - Accounting (Monash), CA

Sam Sturgess
Senior Manager (Business Advisory)

B Commerce - Accounting, Financial Planning & Finance (Deakin), CA

Peta Collins
Senior Business Adviser

B Bus - Accounting (Charles Sturt), CA

Jessica Sun
Manager (Accounting)

B Bus - Accountancy (RMIT), CPA

Jessica Wallis
Payroll & Accounts Payable

BA (Melbourne)

Private Wealth Leadership.

Jeromy Gratian
Financial Adviser

B A.Sci (Deakin), AFP®

Kevin Ly
Financial Adviser

B Bus - Acct (Monash), Grad Cert FP, CFP®

David Bennett
Financial Adviser

B Commerce - Finance & Fin Planning (Deakin), CFP®

Strategic Lending Leadership.

Sash Novak
Relationship Manager (Strategic Lending)

Dip Finance & Mortgage Broking

Alisdair Jackson
Relationship Manager (Strategic Lending)

B A.Sc (RMIT), Dip Finance & Mortage Broking, MFAA, AFCA

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Kearney Group and our team have been awarded throughout our history. It’s nice to be acknowledged in a profession, even when you’re trying to transform it. Below are some of our recognitions:

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