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Our award-winning team is a family of big-picture thinkers and creators. We’re innovative, multi-disciplinary experts who draw on both left-brain data and right-brain instinct to yield winning insights; experts who truly get to know you – and your business; visionaries who keep one eye on the nitty gritty, and the other on the macro, long-term picture.

We’re pioneers who come together to make numbers into wonders. Get to know some of us below or learn how you can join our growing team.

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Partnership Team.

Paul Kearney
Founder & CEO

B Commerce (Melbourne), CPA, CFP®, AFA

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Paul Kearney is the founder and CEO of the Kearney Group, which has been providing holistic financial services since 1986.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Melbourne, and is a Certified Financial Planner®, Certified Practicing Accountant and a member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia and the Association of Financial Advisers.

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Andrew Mackenzie
Senior Manager (Private Wealth) & Partner

B Economics (La Trobe), CFP®

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Andrew Mackenzie joined the Kearney Group in August 2010, and became an equity partner in the firm in early 2015.

Andrew is a Certified Financial Planner® and holds a Bachelor of Economics from La Trobe University and an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning. His professional experience dates back to 2004.

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James Lewis
Business Systems Development Manager & Partner

MA – Political Science (Carleton, Canada)

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James Lewis joined the Kearney Group as the firm’s Business Systems Development Manager in November 2012, and became an equity partner in the firm in December 2015.

James leads the design of the firm’s proprietary business systems and the development of data-driven insights which are used to improve efficiency, overturn long-held assumptions, simplify processes and foster high-performing teams.

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Jen Purnell
Business & People Development Manager & Partner

MBA (Deakin)

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Jen Purnell joined the Kearney Group in August 2014 after working closely with the firm for 16 years as the State Manager of BT’s Securitor Financial Group.

Jen is the firm’s Business & People Development Manager, and became an equity partner in February 2016.

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Lachlan Ezard
Senior Manager (Business Advisory) & Partner

B Commerce - Accounting, Financial Planning & Finance (Deakin), CPA

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Lachlan Ezard joined the Kearney Group as a graduate in November 2009 and quickly progressed into the role of Manager. He became an equity partner in the firm in May 2016.

Lachlan holds a Bachelor of Commerce, with a specialisation in Accounting, Financial Planning and Finance. He is a Certified Practising Accountant.

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Nga Vu
Senior Financial Adviser & Partner

B Business - Financial Planning (RMIT), CFP®

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Nga Vu joined the Kearney Group in January 2011, and became an equity partner in the firm in February 2017.

Nga holds a Bachelor of Business degree from RMIT and is a Certified Financial Planner®. Her professional experience dates back to 2003.

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Stephen Nesbitt
Client Services Manager (Live Accounting) & Partner

BA (Windsor, Canada), Cert Accounting

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Stephen Nesbitt joined the Kearney Group in 2012 and has been Client Services Manager with the Group’s Live Accounting team since early 2013.

Steve became an equity partner in the firm in July 2017.

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Other members of our Leadership Team.

Matt Englund

B Bus (University Technology Sydney), Grad Dip FP, Graduate (Australian Institute of Company Directors)

Kale Foulds
Senior Manager (Business Advisory)

B Bus - Accountancy (RMIT), CPA

Julie Kohler
Manager (Live Accounting)

Annie Lillico Lewis
Brand & Media Manager

BA Hon – Drama & Comms (Windsor, Canada)

Harjot Sahni
Senior Manager (Business Advisory)

B Accounting (Monash), Dip FP, CA

Jane Vanden Boom
CEO Office Assistant

B Social Science – Information Mgt & Systems Analysis (Melbourne)

Good with numbers? Even better with people? Get in touch.

Why work with us?

We spend more waking hours with our workmates than our outside-work mates (not to mention family). At Kearney Group, engagement within our team is as important as with our clients.

So beyond our stellar reputation, industry accolades and strong community affiliations, here are a few other things we think you’ll like:

Genuine teamwork, in a nice workspace

Fewer closed doors, more multi-disciplinary collaboration – all in the light-filled, inner-east former Skipping Girl Vinegar warehouse, with large balconies and a terrace overlooking the Yarra River. Want to bike to work? No problem: we’ve got private showers, lockers and change rooms, not to mention direct access to the Main Yarra Trail.

Goals you can get behind – because you make them

Our Staff Development & Review Process, Graduate, and formal Mentorship programs provide intensive, ongoing support and systemised feedback to empower you to drive your own growth. And thanks to our Integrated Advice Teams, you’ll also get plenty of face time with clients and on-the-job training.

Happy, social people

Our weekly socials at Kearney Group are a chance to log off and clink glasses. We’re also into BBQs, team away-days, plus all the other fun stuff our Social Committee organises. We’re known to go on reward holidays together to celebrate our work achievements. Basically, we like to mix business and pleasure.

Money and more

At Kearney Group, you’re not under the thumb of big commissions and ‘sales’ targets: we’d rather offer market-competitive remuneration and celebrate collective success. Beyond paying you well, we support professional growth by funding study and accreditation. We recognise extraordinary effort and those who attract great people to our team.

All the perks

Think no-fee or heavily discounted financial services – tax returns, superannuation fund and portfolio management, rebated loans and mortgages, automatic acceptance insurance, and more.

Dare to be
a pioneer.

At Kearney Group our team is growing and we’re on the hunt for talent across a range of exciting roles. Great opportunities to put your stake in the ground in an award-winning firm in inner Melbourne.

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From revolution
to recognition

Kearney Group and our team have been awarded throughout our history. It’s nice to be acknowledged in a profession, even when you’re trying to transform it. Below are some of our recognitions:

Our business has doubled in size every 12 months since we started the Kearney journey… so the proof is in the pudding.

Shaun Clancy, Director,
Clancy Constructions

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