2023 Australian Accounting Awards Finalist Seals Kearney Group

Kearney Group named 2023 Australian Accounting Awards finalist.

18 May 2023 Read time: 2 min

Kearney Group has proudly emerged as a finalist in two prestigious categories of the 2023 Australian Accounting Awards: Multiservice Firm of the Year and Boutique Firm of the Year (over 20 employees).

The Australian Accounting Awards recognise outstanding expertise from accounting professionals and firms across Australia. Not only do the awards acknowledge notable practitioners and accomplishments, they also help to celebrate innovation, exceptional client service and dedication to the profession.

“Being named a finalist is always an honour,” says Group CEO, Paul Kearney. “But recognition in two extremely competitive practice categories is really special.”

The dual nominations speak volumes about Kearney Group’s recently launched Truly Integrated Advice model. They also reaffirm the practice’s reputation as pioneers and frontrunners in Australian finance.

2023 Australian Accounting Awards Finalist Seals Kearney Group


From one dimension to new directions.


Paul suspects he knows what caught the judges’ attention. 

“It’s our Integrated Advice model,” he says. “It’s not just what we do at Kearney Group, it’s how we do things.”

“Our IAT model really works – for our team and also for our clients. It’s what makes us fundamentally different from our peers,” he adds. 

Kearney Group’s new Integrated Advice model is all about multidisciplinary collaboration. It embeds the client at the very centre of the advice process and intentionally dismantles the barriers that typically separate single-discipline advisors and firms. Moreover, the new model explicitly re-centres the work of an adviser around relationships and knowledge-sharing practices.

“At Kearney Group, each client is supported by a team of multidisciplinary experts, overseen by a lead advisor,” Paul explains. 

This holistic approach ensures that advice is considered from all perspectives; systematically, seamlessly and without burdening clients. Over the past year, the firm has restructured the organisation into smaller, heterarchical teams, developed an array of cutting-edge technologies, and streamlined processes to facilitate this approach.

And the aim of Truly Integrated Advice? It’s simple: deal with clients as whole people, with interconnected needs and nuance.

“If we’re known for nothing else, I hope we’re known for putting people first,” says Paul.

“There’s no greater privilege than to help someone transform their life and business for the better. Above all, that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning.”


Winners announced on 30 June.


Winners of the 2023 Australian Accounting Awards will be revealed on 30 June 2023 during the tenth annual Australian Accounting Awards Gala in Sydney.

Learn more about the awards and what it takes to be a 2023 Australian Accounting Awards finalist here.


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