Konsole Invoicing is here and it’s a ‘game-changer’.

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23 February 2024 Read time: 2 min

Exciting news – we’ve just rolled out a game-changer on Konsole! 🚀 Starting today, managing your money just got a lot easier with Konsole Invoicing.

Konsole’s fully integrated invoicing system is now at your fingertips. That means, when you log in, you’re not just entering your portal – you’re stepping into your financial command centre.


Introducing Konsole Invoicing.


In addition to housing your document library and offering digital signatures, Konsole now allows you to review engagements, pay your invoices, and revisit your billing history with us, all from one central login.

This change is not just about making it easier to work with us (though that’s a huge win). It’s about transparency, too. With Konsole Invoicing, you get a crystal-clear view of the work we’ve agreed upon, what’s already been delivered and what’s still to come.

Moreover, paying for advice is a breeze. Credit card or direct debit, take your pick – it’s just a click away.


Secure payments made easy.


As always, your security is our priority. So every payment made through Konsole is backed by Stripe and their best-in-class security credentials. And most importantly, our system never stores your payment details on file.

As a reminder: we’ll never ask you to enter your personal information in a text or email. This includes credit or debit card numbers, bank account details or passwords. Also, we’ll never request payment through a third party vendor or website.


Goodbye onerous admin. G’day great advice and relationships.


Beyond all these perks for you – simplicity, transparency, security – we’re also really looking forward to getting back to the things that matter most. Giving you great advice.

In the past, chasing payments for small stuff (like those individual tax returns or Xero subscriptions) was a bit of a dance. A dance we’re not that into. It was time-consuming and, honestly, not the best use of anyone’s time.

So, join us by hopping into Konsole invoicing. It’ll be simpler for you and to help us focus on what truly matters – giving you stellar advice and spending time on our relationships, not the financials.

Thanks for being part of the Konsole and Kearney Group family – we’re thrilled to continue the journey with you!

The Konsole Crew


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