Kearney Group is moving: Goodbye Audrey. G’day Fitzroy.

8 December 2021 Read time: 2 min

For the past 15 years, we’ve called Abbotsford’s iconic Skipping Girl Vinegar warehouse home.

In this time, we’ve seen ups and downs, highs and lows, fads come and go, and the world of work change dramatically.

To position ourselves for the next leg of our journey, our team is on the move and we cannot wait to welcome you to our new office in Smith Street, Fitzroy.

“We’re all feeling pretty nostalgic,” say Kearney Group’s Founder and CEO, Paul Kearney.

“The Skipping Girl building has been our home through most of our business’ adult life. We’re all sorry to be saying goodbye to Little Audrey and this truly iconic location, though we’re really looking forward to a new adventure.”

Find us online, whilst we relocate.


Whilst our Abbotsford office is closed to visitors, Kearney Group is open for business.

“We don’t anticipate any interruption to client services during this transition,” says Paul.

“We’ve been working remotely for the better part of two years. So, both our clients and our team members are used to managing relationships and our advice processes – regardless of where they’re working, living or locking down,” he adds.


The face of work has changed.


Kearney Group’s leadership, particularly in the technology space, allowed the firm to pivot quickly and move to full working from home arrangements in only a few hours when the COVID situation began to seriously deteriorate in March 2020.

James Lewis, the firm’s Business Systems Development Manager, notes a combination of the firm’s “leading technologies and commitment to flexible work meant we not only made the transition smoothly, but we were able to get right back to helping our clients – many of whom were seriously concerned and struggling” through the early days of the pandemic.

Over the past two years, how we work has changed – and Kearney Group is tipping it’s a change for the long haul.

“We were certainly moving to more flexible arrangements for our team, even before COVID,” says Paul, “though undoubtedly the pandemic sped up our timelines. It’s now hard time imagine a point at which we’ll have 60 people in office, at the same time, day-in-day-out, ever again,” he adds.

Jen Purnell, the firm’s People Partner, notes that where many professional services firms have been quick to return to office, Kearney Group has committed to supporting hybrid arrangements for its team members into the future.

“Through COVID, we’ve seen that our clients have been well supported and our people remain productive, even whilst working from home. Many of our team members have taken the opportunity to move closer to family, buy homes further afield and make a green change or sea change – so it’s been very positive from a lifestyle perspective for our young team,” says Jen.

Of course, the challenge of balancing remote work, with the need for collaboration and in-person connections remains.

The firm’s move to a more flexible space, provides the perfect solution for this transitional period for the Group, Jen explains.

“It allows both our team and clients to reap the benefits of a world-class office, in an absolutely brilliant location, whilst we find our rhythm as a hybrid remote employer,” she concludes.


More to come in 2022.


Kearney Group will announce more about our new location early in the new year. Reopening is expected in mid-February 2022.

In the meantime, you can reach us on +61 3 9428 8822 or by email.

Correspondence can be uploaded via your Portal Account or forwarded to our postal address:

PO Box 3347
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