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11 June 2024 Read time: < 1 min

Welcome to “Take Five with…”— where we explore unexpected ideas from interesting people. Whether you’re looking for fresh perspectives or intriguing recommendations for your reading, watching, listening, or doing pleasure, “Take Five with…” delivers big ideas in bite-sized chunks. So grab a coffee, get comfortable, and Take Five with gym owner and lifetime learner, Patrick Armstrong of Plus Fitness Fitzroy.

An activity Patrick thinks you should try.


Running. It’s a challenge and reset that puts stress, monotony and other struggles into perspective.


A concept Patrick thinks you should understand.


Hedonic adaptation. Over time, people tend to adapt to good and bad events / stimuli, and then return to the same baseline level of happiness. In a similar vein, we’re wired to get bored when doing the same things over and over. So, we constantly need new ways to keep the fundamentals interesting and engaging.


A recipe Patrick thinks you should try.


Why not make your own croissants? If you’re OCD, have three days of spare time, and are living through global pandemic, these almond croissants from Melbourne’s iconic Lune are a must try.


A question Patrick thinks you should ask yourself.


What are the upstream and downstream consequences of the system or process you’re building? Does it work from top to bottom? Is there a disconnect between creation and execution?


A misconception Patrick wants to debunk.


Where to start: low carb, no carb, low fat, high fat, cardio for fat loss, training for more than 50 minutes, weights make you bulky, it’s all genetics… there are so many misconceptions in my field.

In reality, the most important things are consistent and healthy nutrition and training. You can influence your “set point” with regular strength training and a good diet with adequate protein and unprocessed foods.

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Patrick Armstrong
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