Kearney Group Harjot Sahni Named Partner Invited to Partnership Team

Kearney Group’s Harjot Sahni named Partner.

12 January 2023 Read time: 2 min


Kearney Group is pleased to announce Harjot Sahni has been admitted as the firm’s newest equity partner. 

Harjot joined Kearney Group in 2019, as a Senior Manager in the firm’s business advisory team. In this role, he works in partnership with Kearney Group’s private wealth and strategic lending divisions and has helped lead our firm’s transition to truly Integrated Advice Teams (IATs).

“A major part of what I do is to model the actions we expect from our crew. If we are to achieve sustainability, balance and symbiosis in our personal and professional lives, I need to lead and live it myself,” says Harjot.

As Chartered Accountant and skilled adviser, his contributions have been integral to the numerous achievements of our practice and clients.

Kearney Group is unique in that we have teams of professionals that can wrap themselves around the needs of clients to solve their problems, rather than just restate our professional expertise.

Harjot Sahni
Senior Manager Business Advisory & Partner

Kearney Group Harjot Sahni Named Partner News Release 2023


Onto ‘someone special from day dot’.


Harjot has years of technical experience. Moreover, his understanding of businesses and their connected households has allowed clients to grow and thrive; both at work and also at home. Given such impact, and Harjot’s all round good-human-ness, having him join our growing leadership team was a no-brainer.

“From the moment we met Harjot, we knew we were onto someone special,” says Group CEO, Paul Kearney. 

His calm and steady nature, excellent technical skills and deep passion for working with our truly integrated advice teams made us a great fit from day dot.

Paul Kearney
Founder & CEO, Kearney Group

Day-to-day, Harjot provides so much to clients; from practical and transactional support, through to long-term strategy and transformational advice. As partner, Harjot looks forward to continuing the IAT journey and, above all, providing exceptional financial advice. 

“He has so much to offer clients, our team members and the partnership group alike,” says Paul. “I cannot wait to see what’s in store next.”

What a way to kick off 2023.


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