Kearney Group becomes a ‘Great Place to Work-Certified’ organisation.

Great Place to Work Certification
22 February 2023 Read time: 3 min

Kearney Group is pleased to announce the firm has become a ‘Great Place to Work-Certified’ organisation.

Certification is a tremendous achievement, primarily because it’s awarded based on the results of a detailed staff survey. That means certified businesses are walking the talk when it comes to their ethos, values, workplace culture and benefits.

“We’re delighted to be named a Great Place to Work,” says Founder and CEO, Paul Kearney.

“We’ve always looked to do things differently in our profession – and whilst change and innovation is exciting, it’s also hard work. So it’s incredibly validating to see our people feel connected to both our purpose and to each other.”


95% and pushing.


“Our survey data has shown that nearly all of our team members strongly agree that we’re a Great Place to Work,” says Jen Purnell, the firm’s Business & People Partner.

In fact 95% of Kearney Group’s team says that statement is true. But Jen is not about to rest on her laurels.

“We’ve got big plans for the team this year – including the release of a new dynamic benefits program and a really exciting self-paced learning system that will allow our people to continue to grow both personally and professionally,” she adds.


Good financial advice and a great… kulture.


The firm adds this new certification to its host of other awards, as long-time leaders in the financial advice space.

“We’re no stranger to recognition in financial services,” says Jen. “When I was working for Kearney Group’s Licensee, many years ago, the team would win award-after-award for the quality of their financial advice.”

But Jen feels this certification is a little bit different:

“For me it really speaks to the truth of what we stand for. We believe there’s a better, less extractive way to do business and live in the world. We talk about this all the time with our clients. So in many ways, this survey was about eating our own cooking. It’s about ensuring we’re doing what we recommend to others, and constantly pushing to be a leading organisation and employer of choice.”


What our people have to say.


When Jen Farnaus (Senior Manager and Business Adviser) joined Kearney Group, it just made sense.

“From the first interview you get sense there is something special about the place,” she says.

“From Jen Purnell (People Partner) making the extra effort on weekends to answer your questions, to Steve Nesbitt (Finance Partner) making a joke to put you at ease… You walk away with a feeling that you really would like to work with the people at Kearney Group.”

She says the team is our secret sauce: “It’s always the people who have made it great. They’re the reason I enjoy coming into the office. I feel supported and I can ask anyone for help or collaborate with the person next to me. And at that end of it, we still can find time for a laugh.”

Jane Vanden Boom loves being “surrounded by global, ethical and environmental deep thinkers.” She tells us “it opens up a world of possibilities for a better way, for both our clients and our staff.”

Our firm’s Risk Specialist, Nga Vu, says “Kearney Group provided incredible support with my return to work from maternity leave. I was provided an opportunity to build out specialist skills in insurance, and it’s just been wonderful to have the space for learning, and the autonomy to create processes and systems.”

And as for Georgia de Graaff, well, it seems she’s all in. She calls out our people and leadership, our big-picture focus, our community and social action, our staff education offer and most importantly, the power of advice in the lives of our clients.

“Our innovative Integrated Advice Team structure means we can make a real difference to our clients, as we understand the intersection between their business and household. Seeing the mix of excitement, hope and relief that our clients feel when they embark on their Quest is incredibly powerful,” says Georgia.


People and purpose make a Great Place to Work.


Despite much growth and change in the practice over the years, Paul Kearney says his core motivation still rings true.

“From day one, I’ve always said: the numbers only matter because the people behind them do. I’ve always taken this approach to my work with clients. And now, we’ve validated we do the same for our people,” he says.

As the firm’s People Partner, Jen Purnell says she “couldn’t be more proud.”

“Of course, there’s always work to be done and we’ll see how we shape up next year,” says Jen, “But for right now, I’m really pleased for the whole team.”


Work with us!


Our team is full of pioneering professionals who are great with numbers and even better with people. Working with us is that sweet spot where personal passion meets company mission and where ‘logic meets magic’.

Think cutting edge technology, truly integrated financial advice and real human connections.

Best of all, we’re always on the lookout for dreamers, doers, movers and shakers to join us. If you’re looking for a certifiably great place to work (or could be tempted), send us your resume.

Or learn more about our certification here.


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