Ethos Investment Committee expanded, new partnerships.

30 March 2020 Read time: < 1 min

New partnerships with Zenith and Ironbark announced.


Kearney Group is pleased to announce two new professional partnerships and the appointment of industry heavy-weights, Zenith Investment Partners and Ironbark Asset Management, to the Ethos Investment Committee.

“We’re very pleased to be joining forces with Zenith and Ironbark,” says Kearney Group CEO, Paul Kearney. “We’ve got a 20 year track record of successful portfolio construction and management. As proud as we are of this, we also want to ensure we continually test our ideas and grow our research and oversight capability for the future.”

To this end, Kearney Group has recently announced the expansion of the Ethos Investment Committee and the appointment of external representatives from both Zenith and Ironbark.


Zenith CEO, David Wright, appointed Committee Chair.


Accepting appointment as Committee Chair is David Wright, founder and CEO of Zenith Investment Partners – Australia’s second largest ratings and research house.

Hugo Donald, Head of Trustee Services at Ironbark Asset Management, has also joined the Ethos Investment Committee.

“We’re very pleased to have both David and Hugo with us,” says Paul. “We’re all looking forward to fresh perspectives, and the research and rigour both bring to the table.”


Rigorous research and oversight for Ethos Managed Portfolios.


The Ethos Investment Committee provides oversight of the Group’s Ethos Managed Portfolios – a suite of ESG responsible investment options designed for sustainability-minded investors.

The Committee is responsible for investment research, analysis and reporting. It also monitors market conditions and portfolio performance, and manages changes to the suite of Ethos Managed Portfolios as required.


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