COVID-19 financial assistance: 100 days and $12.2 million impact.

24 June 2020 Read time: 2 min

On March 16, 2020, we first closed our doors to the public to do our little bit for our community and global health in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Within hours, our team had shifted to full working-from-home arrangements and immediately, we began providing specialist COVID-19 financial assistance and business support.

Today, June 24, marks 100 days since we closed our doors. 100 days since we began the crucial job of helping our clients navigate the uncertainty of life and business during COVID-19.

Here’s what the team has been up to during our first 100 days of lockdown.

Kearney Group - COVID-19 financial assistance: 100 days and $12.2 million impact.

COVID-19 financial assistance: $12.2 million impact.


In the past 100 days, we’ve helped:

  • 125 businesses access $7.5 million in JobKeeper payments.
  • 100 employers access $4.1 million in Cash Boost payments.
  • secure $640,000 in small business grants.
  • 50 SMEs organise emergency funding and assisted with applications for lines of credit.

While unquestionably imperfect in its design, the economic stimulus released by the Australian Federal Government have provided an essential safety net for many. Both the JobKeeper and Cash Boost schemes have allowed many of our clients to catch their breath, during this very scary period.

As a result, countless businesses have been able to keep their doors open and their hope alive. In turn, that has kept our friends, family and community in much-needed work during coronavirus.


When you’re ready, we’re here.


Contact us to discuss your business’ eligibility or for COVID-19 financial assistance, including JobKeeper or other Government stimulus.

We can:

  • determine your eligibility for stimulus, including performing turnover calculations.
  • help you identify eligible employees.
  • assist with your ongoing payroll responsibilities, including reporting to the ATO.
  • help you enrol for JobKeeper program with the ATO.
  • reconfirm eligibility of your employees.
  • track and reconcile JobKeeper payments.
  • organise emergency funding or loans.
  • plan for your business in a Post-COVID-19 world.

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