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Lucy Feagins, Founder & Editor of The Design Files


Featuring Lucy Feagins,
Founder & Editor of The Design Files

Client since 2020

Meet Lucy Feagins.

Lucy Feagins is the Founder and Editor of Australia’s most popular design blog, The Design Files.

Given our love for business creatives and all things arty and wonderful, we were thrilled to begin working with Lucy and The Design Files team in 2020. And as Lucy will tell you, it all came together “at just the right time.”


Where work life and life life collide.

Lucy and her husband Gordy first came to us with big dreams and aspirations for their family and personal life; finishing off a home reno, buying a beach shack one day, being able to travel and the like…

As any business owner will tell you though, these personal dreams were indelibly intertwined with the needs and goals of The Design Files. So it was our truly integrated approach to financial advice really spoke to Lucy and prompted her to bring across her business finances as well.

“At Kearney Group, you work with their incredible business advisers to really hone in on what it is that you’re trying to achieve in your business. But then also how that relates back to your household and your personal goals,” she says.

“I had reached a bit of a ceiling in what I could achieve on my own,” Lucy explains.

But with a bit of advice, she’s been able to bring some major personal and professional goals to life.


Hear her story.

We recently sat down with Lucy to chat about her experience with Kearney Group.

Watch her story above and learn how she transformed her business and household with our Ko-Lab Strategy Program and our truly integrated financial advice.

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“One of the big goals that my husband and I had for a long time was to buy a holiday house. I thought it was probably at least five years away, if not more.


Within eight or nine months of starting working with Kearney Group, we bought a beach shack!


It’s a pinch me moment. I still can’t believe that we’ve done that.”

Lucy Feagins
Pictured: Gordy, Lucy and their daughter at their Mornington beach shack

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