2022-10-26 Federal Budget Update Film - Nga Vu and Jen Farnaus

The Oct 2022 Federal Budget has landed.

26 October 2022 Read time: 2 min


It’s Budget night (again).


About the Oct 2022 Federal Budget.

This evening, Federal Treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers has handed down his first Budget from Parliament House in Canberra.

With this Budget, Labour has outlined its plans for revenue and expenditure. Moreover, we’ve gained good insight into the new Government’s priorities for the coming term.

This is the second Federal Budget to be handed down in 2022. The Liberals delivered the first in late March. With May’s election and the change of leadership, however, it’s now Labor’s turn to share their vision for Australia’s future.

As expected, the Budget has far-reaching impacts; on Australian households, businesses, our economy and our position on the world stage.


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What does Budget mean for you?

In our latest video, we’ll help you unpack what the Budget means for real people, real businesses and households across Australia.


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Nga Vu,
Partner & Risk Specialist.

B Business - Financial Planning (RMIT), CFP®

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Nga Vu joined Kearney Group in January 2011. She became an equity partner in February 2017.

As the firm's Risk Specialist, Nga works with clients to protect the most important things in life; the wellbeing and security of family and loved ones.

Nga is practical, empathetic and calm in a crisis. And, she loves knowing that if the unimaginable becomes inevitable, she's here to help.

Nga holds a Bachelor of Business degree from RMIT and is a Certified Financial Planner®. Her professional experience dates back to 2003.

Jen Farnaus,
Manager (Business Advisory).

B Business - Accounting (Monash), CA

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Jen Farnaus joined our team in March 2020, right at the peak of COVID and our team's switch to full WFH.

Despite this, she quickly established herself as a trusted Business Adviser to clients and leader amongst her peers.

Jen really enjoys working to provide truly integrated advice; partnering with advisers from across our firm and bringing the IAT model to life for our clients.

She's a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) from Monash. Her professional experience dates back to 2013.

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Why are there two Federal Budgets in 2022?


There are two Federal Budgets being handed down this year. This is due to the election and change of government in May.

The first Budget was handed down by the Liberal Government in late March 2022. However, the Labor Party won the Federal election shortly thereafter (in May 2022).

Part of Labor’s election promises included commitments to hand down a new Budget on 25 October 2022.


What is addressed in the October 2022 Federal Budget?


The October 2022 Federal Budget details the new Government’s plans for revenue and spending. Further, it indicates the Government’s key priorities for the coming term.

This Budget addresses key areas and themes like:

  • climate change;
  • employment;
  • education and skill training;
  • gender equity;
  • cost of living;
  • aged care;
  • the NDIS and health policy;
  • infrastructure;
  • defence, tax, banking and super; and
  • international affairs.


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