Everything you need to know about Director IDs.

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26 October 2022 Read time: 4 min


Heard the term Director Identification Number, DIN or Director ID lately?

Chances are you have because the deadline to apply for one is fast approaching. With this in mind, we’ve compiled a cheat sheet that explains everything you need to know about Director IDs. We’ve included some information on what they are, how to know if you need one and most importantly, how to get one before the cut-off.


What is a Director ID?


A Director ID is a unique identifier that proves you’ve verified your identity as a director of your company. Like your Tax File Number (TFN), your Director ID is with you forever. That’s all to say, you’ll only ever have to apply for it this once. Hooray!


Why are Director IDs being introduced?


By introducing these Director IDs, the Australian government aims to combat the use of false and/or fraudulent director identities. It also makes it easier to trace a director’s role and relationships with companies over time. By extension, this helps to identify and eliminate illegal practices like the phoenixing of failed companies.

Protecting people from shady dealings? We’re all in.


Do I need to get a Director ID?


You will need a Director ID, if you hold a director (or alternate director) position with:

  • a company, SMSF or trust;
  • a registered Australian body;
  • a registered foreign company;
  • an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Corporation.

If you’re still unsure if you need a Director ID, speak with your accountant or business advisor as soon as possible.


How do I apply for a Director ID?


To apply for a Director ID, first, you’ll need to verify your identity. Then, you’ll need to provide some information (that matches the records held by the ATO) to the ABRS (Australian Business Registry Services).


Step 1) Verify your identity.


The fastest way to verify your identity is through myGovID. It’s important to note that the myGovID app is different to myGov. Further, myGovID does not create your Director ID. The app’s only purpose is to validate your identity.

If you have a myGovID, go straight to step 2.

If you have not already set up myGovID:

  • Download the myGovID app and create an account.
  • Use your phone/device’s camera to scan your ID (i.e. your passport, driver’s licence and/or visa).
  • Carefully double check your info as the system doesn’t always scan accurately.

You can check the documentation requirements here: Verifying your identity.


Step 2) Apply for your Director ID through ABRS


Once you have set up your myGovID, you need to apply to the ABRS for your Director ID.

To start the process, use the same email address you used to create your myGovID.

You will also need to gather documentation that matches your information held by the ATO. Generally you will need:

  • Your Tax File Number (TFN)
  • Your residential address held on file by the ATO; and
  • Two documents that verify your identity, such as:
    • Bank account details, as recorded by the ATO (If you’ve linked your myGov and ATO account, you can see your registered bank account under ‘my profile/financial institution details’)
    • ATO Notice of Assessment (NOA)
    • PAYG payment summaries
    • Superannuation account details (i.e. fund’s ABN and your member account number)
    • Dividend statement details (i.e. the investment reference number)

The final stage requests your personal contact details (not the company’s).

Once complete, your Director ID will be issued immediately on screen. Jot this number down and be sure to keep it secure.

Our hot tip – treat your Director Identification Number like you do your Tax File Number. That is, don’t share it and never send it to anyone by email.


Will my Director ID change if I move companies?


No, your Director ID is with you for life. If you are appointed as a director for another company, you do not need to apply for another one.


Do I need to link my Director ID to my company?


Not at this stage. There are no requirements for you to provide your Director Identification Number to companies where you’re a director. If this changes, the government will let you know. 


How much time do I have? When do I need to apply for my Director ID?


The date you became a director affects when you need to apply for a Director ID.

For Corporation Act directors, if you became a director:

  • on or before 31 October 2021, you must apply by 30 November 2022;
  • between 1 November 2021 and 4 April 2022, you must apply within 28 days of appointment;
  • from 5 April 2022, you must establish yours before appointment.

For Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act directors, if you became a director:

  • on or before 31 October 2021, you must apply by 30 November 2022;
  • from 1 November 2021, you must apply before appointment.

If your company intends to appoint new directors, it will be important to ensure that they are aware of the requirements and timeframes to establish their Director ID if they do not already have one.


What do I do if I miss my deadline to apply for my Director Identification Number? 


If you miss the 30 November 2022 deadline to apply you risk big financial penalties. It’s actually considered a criminal offence (yikes). 

So, set yourself a calendar invite or better yet, jump online and establish your Director ID right now.

Also – be a good mate. Share this article with your director friends who might need to establish their own Director Identification Number too.

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