Variety features First Nations Film Creative Award

Variety features First Nations Film Creative Award.

26 July 2023 Read time: < 1 min

Kearney Group’s latest partnership with Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is sparking quite a buzz. Earlier this month, the Group announced we had joined forces with MIFF. The goal? To bring the First Nations Film Creative Award to life for the Festival’s 71st season. What’s more, this new initiative has now caught the eye of the global press. Today, the Award has been featured in the esteemed publication, Variety.

“Melbourne International Film Festival has confirmed that it will provide $202,000 (A$300,0000) of cash prizes, making it one of the world’s most generous film events,” writes Patrick Frater for Variety.

Frater continues, “The First Nations Film Creative Award supports First Nations talent and storytelling with the recipient awarded a $13,500 (A$20,000) cash prize and $16,900 (A$25,000) worth of financial services.”

He explains that award contenders will be drawn from across all film creative departments and the “first-time prize will be selected by a jury of Australian First Nations creatives including Rachael Maza (“Radiance,” “Cosi,” “Lillian’s Story”), Tony Briggs (“The Sapphires,” “The Warriors,” “Force of Nature”) and Tiriki Onus (“Ablaze”)”.

Quoted in the Variety article, Maza says: “I’m very inspired by this next generation of incredible First Nation film makers. I’d like to acknowledge MIFF and Kearney Group in establishing this award in recognition of these artists who will be our future leading storytellers.”

At Kearney Group, we’re delighted to share the news of this exciting development.

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