The Alternative UK features the IK Systems Lab.

9 May 2021 Read time: < 1 min

In a recent publication, The Alternative UK features Dr. Tyson Yunkaporta’s IK Systems Lab which received seed funding from Kearney Group.

“Tyson Yunkaporta’s Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save The World… has been a resounding global success,” writes The Alternative UK.

“The line – ‘rather than reporting on Indigenous Knowledge for a global audience, I’m looking at global systems from an Indigenous Knowledge perspective’ – has been powerfully received, in a moment when… other ways of knowing and acting are being desperately sought.”

“But the next development for Yunkaporta is really fascinating,” the author continues. “One of Australia’s leading financial consultancies, Kearney Group, has decided to be the start-up funder of Tyson’s new project (based at his university, Deakin). It’s titled the Indigenous Knowledge Systems Lab.”

But what does an IK Systems Lab do?

The article wonders aloud: what might an “Indigenous Knowledge Systems Lab” actually do.

Ultimately, the author arrives at helping business and government handle complexity and collectivity; two things at which neither are particularly skilled.

Today, the Lab employs Indigenous researchers, Knowledge Keepers and doctoral candidates; all weaving First Peoples’ thinking, policy and innovations into solutions for the most urgent issues of our time. For example: climate change, artificial intelligence, politics and global financial systems.

“This work is both extremely important and urgent,” says Kearney Group CEO, Paul Kearney.

“In a world overflowing with seemingly intractable problems, Tyson Yunkaporta’s ‘Sand Talk’ and the Indigenous Knowledges he describes gives hope,” says Paul. “Just maybe, this thinking and perspective can be a critical circuit-breaker and help interrupt the trajectory on which we humans find ourselves.”

Read the full article on The Alternative UK.



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