Oi Software

Introducing Oi Software

1 February 2015 Read time: < 1 min

Kearney Group is pleased to announce the official launch of its newest venture, Oi Software.

“Kearney Group has been developing a range of web tools and business systems for both internal and client use over recent years,” says Kearney Group Founder and CEO, Paul Kearney.

“We know how powerful they’ve been in our firm and we’re looking forward to sharing them with the public.”

Kearney Group says it began developing its main product, a proprietary CRM, to address an explicit business need.

“There are dozens of accounting CRMs, and financial planning CRMs. There are lending CRMs and sales CRMS,” says Kearney. “But the trouble is, none of them talk to one another.”

So, Kearney Group elected to build its own database. And in doing so, it created a product that allowed advisers to see how clients interacted with service across the Group’s 4 divisions.

“What we’ve built gives us much better insight and an overarching understanding of our clients, their needs and life circumstances,” says the firm’s Business Systems Development Manager, James Lewis.

In addition to the firm’s custom CRM, Oi Software has also been working on an exciting new product for email. Oi is scheduled to release this as its first publicly available product.

“We’ll be launching this new product at ATSA in October,” says James. “We hope to see you in Sydney.”

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