Can deconstructing advice improve the client experience?

12 November 2019 Read time: < 1 min

Simon Hoyle from CoreData’s New Model Advisor spoke to our founder and principal Paul Kearney about trying to reimagine advice firm structures to better service clients.

“A wall running the length of the Kearney Group boardroom in the Melbourne suburb of Abbotsford is adorned with a deconstruction of the financial advice process, its multiple steps and processes, and their relationships to each other.

At first glance it’s difficult to tell whether it’s a work of a genius or a fully fledged conspiracy theorist, but closer examination reveals it as part of a fundamental reimagining of how an advice firm could be organised to deliver its services.

Its aim is to start the process of reorientating the advice business so the client is served by internal teams of professionals bringing different perspectives and expertise to bear. It’s more than just a “multi-disciplinary” approach; it aims to overcome the issue of a client being handed around from professional to professional within the firm, and to instead deliver a service to the client that transcends the various professional boundaries of the individuals inside the business…”

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