Reflections for 2024: New Year’s Money Musing & Intention-Setting

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22 November 2023 Read time: 4 min

Hey there, fellow journeyers into 2024! Can you believe we’re standing at the threshold of another year? It’s that magical time when new year’s resolutions get tossed around like confetti, but let’s be real – resolutions rarely stick. So, instead of setting goals that ghost us by February, let’s kick back and consider these money musings instead. Who knows? Maybe these new year’s intentions and finance reflections will help you reframe your relationship with money well beyond 2024.

1. The “Essence of Wealth” Reflection:

Let’s kick off with a philosophical twist. What does ‘wealth’ truly mean to you? Is it just about dollar signs and zeros, or is it something bigger, a little more nebulous? Reflecting on the essence of wealth can reveal hopes and dreams and aspirations that go well beyond the balance in your bank account.

In tandem with this line of thought, we recommend asking yourself: what is ‘enough’? Giving ‘enough’ some considered thought can reveal crucial life decisions or shifts you need to make. It also might reveal that ‘enough’ is closer than you thought and not actually on the other side of that next <pay rise, expensive car, big house>.


2. The “Time as Currency” Reflection:

In this bustling world, time is our most precious currency. But it’s okay to take some of it and reflect on how you spent your moments in 2023.

Did you invest your time in things that truly matter? Or did it kind of just slip away like loose change? Understanding the value of your time can reshape your relationship with money, emphasising the importance of relations and experiences, over possessions.


3. The “Purposeful Living” Reflection:

Now, let’s dive into the philosophical deep-end. What’s your raison d’être? Your Ikigai? Your life’s purpose?

Reflect on the journey you’re on and how your financial choices align with that purpose. Being paid for doing what you love, and what the world needs most, is a thing to behold. Money becomes a powerful tool when it’s in service of your life’s mission, whether that’s fostering connections, pursuing passions, or making a positive impact.


4. The “Embracing Impermanence” Reflection:

Life is ever-changing, right? Reflect on the impermanence of it all.

Did you embrace the ebb and flow, or were you holding onto things too tightly this year? Understanding the fleeting nature of life can influence how you approach your life, work and financial decisions. And it can encourage a mindset of resilience, relation, impact and health.

Our favourite application of this idea in business, comes from our friends at AIME who have set an ‘Intentional Death Strategy’ for their organisation. A date at which they’ll shutter their enterprise. As AIME founder Jack Manning-Brancroft says, all organisations eventually die and “by designing with death in mind, they can ensure that they leave behind something valuable and in good health.”

Would the ticking clock of an intentional death help you and your business focus on meaningful work? How could you create impact that outlasts you and your organisation itself?


5. The “Gratitude for Abundance” Reflection:

Philosophy meets gratitude – reflect on the abundance in your life.

Beyond the dollars, appreciate the richness of relationships, experiences, and simple joys.

Cultivating gratitude can transform your perspective on money, helping you see the wealth that exists in every corner of your life.


6. The “Balancing Act” Reflection:

Life is a grand balancing act, isn’t it? Reflect on how you balanced your various life roles in 2023 – be it work, family, personal growth, or leisure.

If the scales are tipping one way or another, you’ll get ripple effects across all areas of your life and well-being. So give some attention to the balance (or lack thereof) in your previous year.

Then set to work, reflecting on any changes you might like to make. Give some consideration to how these changes could affect your financial situation and chat to a financial adviser to get a hand with modelling and planning for any big shifts like career breaks or role changes, early retirement, housing or family changes.


7. The “Legacy of Impact” Reflection:

Last but certainly not least, let’s ponder the legacy you’re creating.

Reflect on the impact you’re making in the lives of others and the world around you. How do your financial choices contribute to the legacy you want to leave? Money becomes a tool for meaningful impact when it aligns with a purpose beyond individual gain.

So, how did you make the world a little bit better this year? And how would you like to next?

Not every great deed is front page news. But what did you and yours do to shift the needle, spread kindness and make the world a better place? Did you give your time, energy or money to something that matters? How did you make an impact?


Cheers to New Year’s Intentions for 2024!

Feeling the urge to ditch your usual New Year’s resolutions now? We’re with ya.

If you’re looking to dive deep into setting intentions that truly resonate with you and your business, our team of is so here for it.

Reach out to chat to our team of accountants, business advisers, financial wizards, and lending maestros. They’re here and ready to make your journey into 2024 not just financially sound but personally fulfilling.

And, if you’re keen for a few more thought-provoking reflections, try these.

Cheers to a year of meaningful intentions and joyous discoveries!


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