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Kevin Ly in the spotlight at Kearney Group.

20 November 2023 Read time: 4 min

There are a few ways we could describe Kevin Ly, our team member in the spotlight this month. A dedicated Financial Adviser; an obvious choice given his steady stream of 5-star Google reviews. A mentor, and in the case of his Melbourne University soccer team, a coach. A values-oriented human and all-round legend, evident from the positive things his colleagues and clients so openly share about him. Or our personal favourite: ‘The GOAT’ a.k.a Greatest Of All Time according to real feedback from one of our incredible clients, Eliza. 

With such an impressive wrap, we were keen to sit down with Kevin, the GOAT himself.

Join us as we learn more about Kevin, his life and his work with Kearney Group.

Oh hayyy...
it's Kevin!

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Kevin Ly.

Financial Advisor

Part of our team since:

B Bus – Acct (Monash)
Grad Cert FP, CFP®

This or That:
Early bird OR night owl
Run OR yoga
Big corporate OR small business
Introvert OR extrovert
Spontaneous OR planner

Kevin, tell us about what your role at Kearney Group?


At Kearney Group, I am a Financial Adviser. I work with a variety of new and existing clients, from business owners and young professionals, right through to pre-retirees. My role really is about helping you stay on track with your strategy and offering ways to make improvements based on your hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations.

When I start working with a new client, it’s about setting off on that financial journey with them. With financial planning, we are always looking forward to the future. So my role here becomes about discussing what their future could look like, and how we can make their dreams a reality.

There is a big element of education that comes with what I do. I want my clients to feel like they are making smart and informed decisions, rather than following advice and ideas they might hear at a barbecue or from family and friends.

Speaking of things you might hear at a barbecue, there are often misconceptions about what Financial Advisers *actually* do.


What are some of the biggest misconceptions about Financial Advisers?


That we just give advice on super… A lot of people think that Financial Advisers simply offer advice on markets, super and investments.

You also hear things like: “You need a lot of money to talk to a Financial Adviser.” You don’t.

And we often get “I don’t need to see anyone because I’m not retiring soon.”

All of it is so far from the truth of what a Financial Adviser does.

In actual fact, anyone can benefit from a Financial Adviser. Financial planning is really about exploring your needs and what you want to achieve over the next 5, 10, 15 years, and then helping you get there.

Anyone can benefit from a Financial Adviser. It’s about exploring your needs and what you want to achieve over the next 5, 10, 15 years and then helping you get there.

Kevin Ly
Financial Adviser

Tell us about who Kevin is outside of work?


Outside of work, I am best known as a soccer coach. I manage a men’s team at Melbourne University which trains and plays three times a week. I enjoy the challenge of managing people, rallying a team together and I have a love of the game, obviously.

My love for soccer happened when I graduated university. My passion shifted from AFL and being an avid-Essendon supporter (btw – it’s okay Kev, your interview is over. You no longer need to pledge allegiance to the Bombers – you’re already part of the team 😉 !)

I love learning and up-skilling. I’m currently listening to a Morgan Stanley podcast on economics and investing.

I also love cooking when I can find the time. (On current rotation: Kev’s rib eye steak with a cucumber, tomato, capscium, avocado salad and chips. Yum!)



And, why Financial Planning? What makes what you do so special?


I actually didn’t plan on getting into financial planning. I was originally drawn to accounting or audit and compliance. Through previous roles though, I ended up in financial advice. And I am so glad I did because I absolutely love what I do now.

Every client has a story… how they got to where they are and where they want to go. You’re constantly learning about people and I love the variety.

I think the client experience is the most important part of what I do. And, being a Financial Adviser allows me to treat clients how I’d like to be treated. For me, it’s all about seeing them happy. I just like doing a good job and making a difference in people’s lives.

I really want to feel like I’m contributing towards something bigger, and this job itself allows for that.

I just like doing a good job. I like making a difference in people’s lives. I really want to feel like I’m contributing towards something and this job itself allows for that.

Tell us what it’s like working at Kearney Group?


In short, working at Kearney Group is super. The culture is really good. The environment is really lively. I think that working at United Co (shout out to our fabulous coworking building) and the ability to network with others is great.

Everyone in the business is keen for a social chat (important) and also always willing to step in when you need help (also important). I find that conversation and collaboration really shapes how I work. I always ask what others are doing and try to get insights into how my colleagues work within their teams. While I try to do things as efficiently as possible, I know I can get set on one way of working. So being able to ask other team members for their input and guidance is really valuable.



And what do you think makes us different from the rest?


The whole IAT (Integrated Advice Teams) concept makes Kearney Group really different.

When I first interviewed, Paul told me about the IATs and I thought “I have to work here”.

Working in Integrated Advice Teams is just so logical. I’d always believed something like this should exist but I’d never seen it done anywhere else. In finance you have these disciplines (lending, accounting, financial planning, etc.) but how do you get them to work together? And, why wouldn’t you get them to work together?

I was amazed by how much thought had gone into Kearney Group’s IAT model when I joined the firm.

Now having been here for over five years, and seeing them working and thriving, I hope to one day run my own IAT here at Kearney Group.

It’s funny because I never thought I would be a leader and manage a team. I was always happy to follow and just liked doing good work behind the scenes. But now people look to me for guidance.

(And isn’t that the true test of leadership Kev! Well done you – we can SO see an IAT in your future too.)

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