October 2022 Federal Budget Australia Canberra

Get ready for the October 2022 Federal Budget.

18 October 2022 Read time: 2 min


Get ready – it’s nearly Budget night (again).


October 2022 Federal Budget night is upon us.

On Tuesday 25 October 2022, Federal Treasurer Dr Jim Chalmers will deliver his first budget from Parliament House in Canberra.

Following on from May’s Federal election, the new Australian government is set to release its priorities, and plans for revenue and expenditure.

Tuesday’s Federal Budget will have far-reaching impacts; on Australian households, businesses, our economy and our position on the world stage. We expect announcements relating to: the cost of living, aged care, tax, banking and super, climate change, skills training and employment, the NDIS and health policy, infrastructure, defence and much more.


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Why are there two Federal Budgets in 2022?


There will be two Federal Budgets handed down this year. This is due to the election and change of government in May.

The first Federal Budget was handed down by the Liberal Government in late March 2022. However, the Labor Party won the Federal election shortly thereafter (in May 2022).

Part of Labor’s election promises included commitments to hand down a new Federal Budget on 25 October 2022.


What is likely to be addressed in the October 2022 Federal Budget?


The October 2022 Federal Budget will detail the new Government’s plans for revenue and expenditure. And, it clearly indicates the Government’s key priorities for the coming term.

This Budget is likely to address key areas like:

  • climate change;
  • employment;
  • education and skill training;
  • gender equity;
  • cost of living;
  • aged care;
  • the NDIS and health policy;
  • infrastructure;
  • defence, tax, banking and super; and
  • international affairs.


Where can I learn more about the Federal Budget?


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Where can I learn more about the March 2022 Federal Budget?


You can learn more about the Federal Budgets, including past budgets, here.



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