From logic
to magic.

Kearney Group is made up of over 50 financial professionals and dreamers, doers, pioneers and visionaries.

In a professional landscape ruled by best practice, we are the vanguard of truly integrated financial advice for pioneers and their businesses.

Our approach

Welcome to
Kearney Group.

Paul Kearney
Founder and CEO


Our unique skills and truly holistic capability combines the experience and technical know-how required to tackle task-based work, with the creativity needed to drive meaningful transformation.


Lucy Feagins,
Founder & Editor of The Design Files

Client since 2020

Dare to be
a pioneer.

At Kearney Group our team is growing and we’re on the hunt for talent across a range of exciting roles. Great opportunities to put your stake in the ground in an award-winning firm in inner Melbourne.

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From revolution
to recognition

Kearney Group and our team have been awarded throughout our history. It’s nice to be acknowledged in a profession, even when you’re trying to transform it. Below are some of our recognitions:

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