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Planning FAQs

Question: I don’t plan on investing in the stock market right away, why would I need financial advice?

While many people are keen to invest, we understand this is not everyone’s goal.  At Kearney Financial Planning we believe that a sound plan ensures your financial security and overall wellbeing.  As such, our advisers provide a whole host of information, beyond investment guidance, including advice and strategies for:

Planning Your Lifestyle

  • Household budgeting and cashflow management
  • Setting and achieving income targets
  • Accommodate life’s big costs

Building Your Wealth

  • Superannuation strategy
  • Investment strategy
  • Structure and tax optimisation

Ensuring Your Peace of Mind

  • Risk and protection strategy
  • Strategic retirement planning
  • Strategic estate planning

Question: Do I need to have investments before I speak to a financial planner?

Absolutely not.  

If you decide to invest with the help of a Kearney Financial Planning adviser, our highly skilled planners will help create the portfolio that is right for you.  

At Kearney Financial Planning, we ensure our plans and portfolios reflect your specific needs, goals and risk tolerance, over the short, medium and long term.

Question: Isn’t financial planning advice quite expensive?

The simple answer is No.

While the cost of advice often stops people from accessing a financial planner, a sound financial plan will almost always pay for itself within a year or two.

Moreover, it is hard to determine the cost of NOT getting financial advice. After accessing our services, our clients are often staggered by the success of their plan, pleased with their new-found financial position and wish they had sought our advice earlier.

As further incentive, an introductory meeting with Kearney Financial Planning is held at our expense.  At this no-obligation meeting, we will have an opportunity to meet you, discuss your needs, determine if a plan is suitable for you and if so, what advisory role we can play.

Question: There’s no use seeing a financial planner if I don’t have much money, right?


Many people believe that financial planning is reserved for the very wealthy, or for those who wish to become so. Wealth accumulation, however, is not a priority for everyone, nor is it the only goal for our clients who access this service.

At Kearney Financial Planning, we provide comprehensive services to anyone wishing to plan for their future.

Speak to us if you are you looking to:

  • Buy your first home, acquiring or paying off debt
  • Protect yourself and your family with insurance
  • Save for something important
  • Build your wealth or ‘get strategic’
  • Plan for your retirement

Question: I’ve never sought financial advice before.  What do I do next?

Firstly, we’d recommend that you take the time to read through our website.  Our aim is to provide detailed information about the Kearney Group, our financial planning process and the range of support services we provide.

Our Just Starting Out section, in particular, provides information specifically geared to young people and ‘first-timers’ who are curious about financial planning.   

When you’re ready, we’d encourage you to get in touch with us and book a complimentary introductory meeting.  It’s no-obligation and held at our expense, so you really have nothing to lose.


We wouldn't be in the sound financial position we are in today without their advice and genuine support.

Charles Bendrups & Jan Batty

With Us Since 1989

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