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Daily Transaction Tracking

At Kearney & Co, we’re business operators in our own right.  So we know how hard it is to oversee every business transaction you undertake. 

To add to the challenge, you will find many of your day-to-day activities will not fit neatly under the ‘payable’ or ‘receivable’ silos, but they still need to be accounted for and properly reconciled.  Items like commercial equipment leases, loan repayments, rent, insurance and petty cash purchases all need to be managed and tracked meticulously.

At Kearney & Co, our business bookkeeping team offers careful oversight of your commercial activity through our systemised daily transaction tracking service.  Our advisers will assess and validate each of your transactions before reconciling them against your business’ bank statements.  As always, we will be on watch for irregularities and will investigate discrepancies on your behalf.

Kearney & Co's Daily Transaction Tracking Service

  • Allows you to keep abreast of your business’ day-to-day expenses without chewing up your precious time
  • Delivers the critical peace of mind that comes from knowing where your cash is really going
  • Allows for quick identification and resolution of financial issues, payment discrepancies or banking errors
  • Expedites compliance work, thereby reducing your business’ overall accounting costs

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