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Payables Management

  • Save time and cost-effectively manage your payables
  • Watch over your cash flows
  • Maintain good relationships with your creditors
  • Ensure an uninterrupted stream of goods and services to your business
  • Protect your good credit and your ability to secure financing for future business development

At Kearney & Co, we believe that managing your payables is actually about managing critical relationships with your suppliers.  Without careful attention, your expenditures can quickly get out of hand, threatening relations and compromising the stream of goods and services required to keep your business in business.

Across the board, the most successful commercial ventures recognise that a robust accounts payable strategy is central to accurate management reporting, good credit ratings and by extension, the ability to secure financing to support the future growth of your business.

Our payables management service includes:

  • Tracking and maintenance of your creditor/ supplier lists
  • Management of creditor invoices
  • Reconciliation of statements
  • Timely and accurate distribution of payments to creditors (with your authority) OR provision of remittance recommendations so you can execute payment as you see fit

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